Why Express Scripts?

Whether you pick up your prescription at your neighborhood pharmacy or have it delivered from the Express Scripts Pharmacy, we make sure you and your family get affordable medicine, quickly and conveniently. And we’re more than just medicine: our dedicated team of pharmacists, nurses, and patient care advocates delivers personalized care for everyone covered by your plan.

Benefits of
Express Scripts

  • More convenience - Get up to 90-day supplies of your long-term medicine sent to your home. Order refills, check order status, and track shipments. Print forms and ID cards, if needed.
  • More flexibility - Download the Express Scripts mobile app to manage your medicines, find nearby pharmacies and get directions, and use your virtual ID card while on the go.
  • More confidence - Talk with a pharmacist from the privacy of your home any time, from anywhere. Find the latest information on your medicine, including possible side effects and interactions.
  • More savings - Compare prices of medicines at multiple pharmacies. Get free standard shipping from the Express Scripts Pharmacy.
Enroll in mail order
home delivery service

Enrolling in automatic refills gives you the peace of mind that your prescription will be automatically refilled and mailed to you before you run out. We will notify you two weeks before the refill date to let you know that your refill is about to be processed. You’ll still have time to notify us if you wish to change the shipping date.

By using our mail order service, you can purchase a 90-day supply of medications for less copay than you would if picking up from a pharmacy.


Accredo, an Express Scripts specialty pharmacy, has been working exclusively with specialty medicines for more than 25 years.

People on specialty medicine benefit from enhanced care and monitoring to help maximize effectiveness and manage side effects. Specialty medicines are used to treat complex conditions and may need to be administered by injection or through infusion. Some of these medicines require special handling or refrigeration, while others are oral or inhaled. Managing these complex therapies requires dedicated and trained professionals – like those at Accredo.

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Registration Note: You can choose to register with your member ID or your SSN. Your member ID can be found on your insurance card under Member section.

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