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Group #: H870835

Member: John Sample

Member ID: SMPL0001

Plan: Your Plan Type

This box shows your unique group number and member ID for providers (doctors, hospitals, medical facilities, pharmacies) and what type of plan you have through your CES health insurance.
Nurse Navigator
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Contact GPA Nurse Navigator at (800)843-6705 Option 1 for help understanding your care options or scheduling any procedures.

Nurse Navigator assists you in locating provider options, researching physician quality, scheduling appointments, obtaining medical records, explaining plan benefits, coordinating medications, and patient support.
Medical Plan
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For MRI, CT & PET Scans
Call OCC at (888)458.8746

Your Plan: You selected HSA Base, HSA Buy-up, or PPO during benefits election time. Find your details on your coverage card.

Here you’ll find information providers use to see the details of your plan, including copays (if applicable). Dallas residents will see an IMS logo, whereas all others will see the PHCS logo. You will also find the phone number for OneCall if you need to schedule an imaging service.
Pharmacy Plan
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RxBIN: 610014
RxGRP: 35242RX
Rx Customer Service: 800.334.8134
Pharmacy Help Desk: 800.922.1557

Your Plan: You selected HSA Base, HSA Buy-up, or PPO during benefits election time. Find your details on your coverage card.

View your Rx plan ID numbers and contact information for pharmacies to call if there are issues with your prescriptions. Additionally, this section will show your Rx copays (if applicable) and other prescription information specific to your plan.


Customer Service
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For verification of benefits, claims status and UR Notification, please call GPA at (866)206-3224.

UR Notification is required for Hospital Admission and Outpatient Surgery. Call HealthWatch/GPA within 48 hours following an admission or surgical procedure.

For member benefit inquires, claims questions, and general customer service, please call GPA at (800)827-7223.

Important phone numbers for providers and/or members to call to verify plan benefits (i.e. proof of insurance) and pre-authorize services.
Medical Claims Submission
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Mail Medical Claims to:

EDI: Paycor ID 48143

Mail: GPA
PO Box 749075
Dallas, TX 75374-9075

This is a self-funded medical plan administered by Group & Pension Administrators (GPA), using the PHCS/Multiplan physician network.

Call (888)342-7427 or

This section shows providers where they are to submit your medical service claims.
My Coverage
ID Card Info