How do you benefit from
a medical claims advocate?

ELAP uses Medicare and the annual cost reports submitted by providers as the basis for reimbursement. This means no unreasonable markups on services or procedures. Because who wants to be in the dark about their healthcare costs?

What is a
balance bill?

All facility claims are sent to ELAP for auditing and pricing. GPA then pays the amount ELAP deems fair and reasonable to the facility. If the facility does not accept the ELAP payment in full, they may “balance bill” you.

What do I do if
I receive a balance bill?

If you receive a balance bill, immediately send it to ELAP at (or submit it online by logging in to your ELAPulse account). They will defend you until full resolution.

What is

ELAPulse directly connects you with an advocate ready to assist you with billing questions 24/7. Additionally, you'll have access to the following:

  • Submit hospital and facility bills
  • Contact member services
  • Educational resources
  • Check the status of claims
  • Get answers to FAQs
Logging in
to ELAPulse
  • Click "Log In" below

  • Login using your GPA credentials

  • Click on the "ELAP Portal" tab

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