401(k) plans are one of the best retirement-building tools an employee can have. However, many still do not participate, even if one is offered through their employer.

Top 10 Powers

  • Get started by ENROLLING! - Be a Super Retirement Saver – your world could change forever
  • STEP UP 1% each year - Saving just 1% more can pack a powerful punch over time
  • SAVE 10-15% of income - Many experts recommend saving 10-15% for a financially secure retirement
  • Harness the COMPANY MATCH - Power up with a 50% match on the first 6% you contribute to your plan!
  • Know how much to SAVE - Make sure you’re on track to replace 70-100% of your gross monthly income
  • Stick to a BUDGET - Living within your superhero means – means extra money for retirement
  • Pursue TAX SAVINGS - Check if you qualify for the tax savers credit or catch-up contributions (X-ray vision not required)
  • Leave SAVINGS alone - Every dollar you keep invested has the power to earn potential market returns
  • STAY the course - Market fluctuation is not a villain – invest consistently over the long term
  • INVEST in a diversified portfolio - There are no guarantees against loss, but diversification may offer better returns with less risk