• The Company’s vacation policy has been converted to a Paid Time Off (PTO) policy. This change is to provide our employees with increased flexibility regarding use of paid time off.
  • Full time employees accrue and may use PTO in accordance with the following policies and procedures. PTO may be used for vacation, sick time, or for other personal reasons. PTO may be used in minimum one-hour increments.
  • Generally, prior approval is required before using PTO. Where an employee takes a personal leave of absence but is unable due to exigent circumstances to obtain prior approval, the Company may, in its sole discretion, retroactively designate the time off as PTO. An example where the Company might allow a retroactive designation would be for an unexpected medical leave of absence that could not be planned in advance.
  • The necessary PTO request form must be filled out and provided along with ample notice to your supervisor for approval. The Company endeavors to accommodate all PTO requests; however, depending on staffing needs and the time of year, some requests may not receive approval. Employees should understand that a request for PTO may be more likely to be denied if the request is made with short notice.
  • PTO time accrues incrementally from the hire date to the end of the calendar year (December 31) called the Adjustment Period, at the rate of 0.417 days per full month, rounded up or down to the nearest half day. For the first full calendar year of employment, five PTO days will accrue from January to December at the rate of 0.417 days per full month. Thereafter, PTO accrues on January 1st of each year, at the rates indicated beginning on the third row of the chart below. PTO is available for use when accrued, subject to the other terms of this policy. PTO is not earned, and an employee has no right to pay for PTO, until the PTO is actually used, except to the extent an applicable law provides otherwise.
  • Unused PTO cannot be carried over into the following calendar year. If an employee fails to use PTO within the calendar year it accrues, it is forfeited.
  • Unused PTO is forfeited upon conversion from full time status to part time status, unless the Company agrees otherwise.
  • An employee will not be paid for unused PTO, including upon termination of employment or conversion from full time to part time status.  This rule applies regardless of whether termination of employment (or conversion to part time status) is voluntary or involuntary, with or without cause, or with or without notice.

Length of Employment PTO Accrued
Hire Date to December (Adjustment Period) 5 days (accrued at 0.417 days per full month)
January – December (First Calendar Year) 5 days (accrued at 0.417 days per full month)
January - December (Second Calendar Year)* 10 days
After two (2) full calendar years 11 days
After three (3) full calendar years 12 days
After four (4) full calendar years 13 days
After five (5) full calendar years 15 days
After fifteen (15) full calendar years or more 20 days

*Increased PTO will begin at the start of each calendar year.


July 1, 2017 – John begins to work full time for CES. John will accrue PTO at a rate of 0.417 days per month through the end of the calendar year (December 2017). Because the time from July 1, 2017 until the end of the calendar year is 6 months, John will accrue 2.5 days of PTO, incrementally, during 2017 (0.417 days per month multiplied by 6 months = 2.5 days).

January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 – John will continue to accrue PTO incrementally at a rate of 0.417 days per month, for a total of 5 days of PTO.

January 1, 2019 – John will accrue 10 PTO days.